When you need some extra water for your lawn but happen to have your phone out of the way or your phone is dead. Here we are, those buttons would help you out.


Water a  Specific Zone

Press the and arrows to select the desired zone, then press the to begin watering.


Start/Pause Watering

Press the button, to Start/Pause watering anytime.


Stop Watering

Press the button to exit the current watering state.


Reset to Factory Default

Press and hold for around 5 seconds to reset your controller. When your controller is offline and unplugging it to restart still can't resolve the issue, you can press the "RESET" button.



Still need help?

If the above method still does not solve your problem, don't hesitate to get in touch with our technical support team directly through the following contact information. We will reply to you by email within 12h after receiving your message.

Email: Support@imolaza.com