ImoLaza already has so many smart features to help you avoid unnecessary watering, maybe you are confused, with so many features, who actually dominates the matter of skipping watering. This article will answer your doubts.


What is Water Delay and single-schedule Skip?


The Skip function allows you to skip a single irrigation schedule. You can choose to skip the execution of the schedule for 1 to 7 days from the current day, or set your own skip irrigation cycle. When setting the skip cycle, you can choose the Start and End time, with the start time not limited to Today but any future time. The Skip function is useful when you need to trim your lawn or make adjustments to specific areas.

Similar to the Skip function, the Water Delay function allows you to postpone all irrigation schedules to adapt to weather changes or other practical needs. When you need to reseed or maintain the entire irrigation system, the Water Delay function is more applicable.




Since all four features can skip watering schedules, who really dominates? If any of the conditions are met, the schedule will not be executed.



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