If there is an extra watering need other than scheduled, follow the steps below to run a manual watering.


Step1: Select "QUICK RUN"

You can select the "QUICK RUN" icon both on the Home screen and Zones screen.


Step2: Select zones

Select the zone(s) you would like to run.


Step3: Determine the watering length and the order of the selected zones

Determine how long you would like to run the selected zone in hours or minutes. And arbitrarily arranged watering sequence.


Step4: Run zones

From there, you will have a clear view of the entire watering process. Also can determine whether to pause the watering, end the process or rearrange the watering sequence.



Still need help?
In case the above method doesn’t work for you, please contact our technical support team directly using the contact information below. We will respond to you by email within 12h after your message reaches us.

Email: Support@imolaza.com