ImoLaza supports only the 2.4GHz network, not the 5GHz network. In comparison to the 5GHz network, the 2.4GHz network has a wider coverage area, providing reliable connectivity over longer distances and better penetration through walls and obstacles.


It's important to note that not supporting the 5GHz network doesn't mean you can't use a router that supports it. Typically, routers that support the 5GHz network also support the 2.4GHz network. These routers are commonly referred to as dual-band or tri-band routers, as they support multiple WiFi frequencies.


If you're using such a router, ImoLaza devices can still function properly. However, to ensure compatibility, you need to make sure the 2.4GHz frequency band is enabled. Multi-band routers usually have one unified WiFi network by default. In most cases, devices can connect without issues. But if you encounter long connection times or an inability to connect, it might be due to interference from other frequency networks. In this situation, you can split the multi-band WiFi network into several individual single-frequency WiFi networks and name them separately. Then, select the 2.4GHz network for connection. By using the 2.4GHz network, you can enjoy a broader coverage area and better penetration, ensuring a more stable and reliable connection for ImoLaza devices.



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