This article will tell you all the technical specifications related to the ImoLaza controller.


What's included?
ImoaLza Smart Sprinkler Controller
    . Weight: 345g (0lb 12.16952oz)
    . Dimensions: 6.3" x6.3" x 1.2"
Power Supply with Cord
Mounting Hardware:
    . Positioning paper
    . User Manual
    . Wire Label Sheet
    . Power Adapter
    . 3 Screws and 3 Anchors
    . Screwdriver

Hardware Installation.


App Compatibility

The ImoLaza App lets you connect the controller to your home Wi-Fi. It runs on iOS 11.0+ and Android 7.0+.

Where can I download the app?


Wi-Fi Connection
Requires 2.4 GHz wireless network signal available at the installation location.
Does ImoLaza works with 5G Wi-Fi?
How do I update Wi-Fi on my controller?
Solve Wi-Fi Networks can refer to the following solutions.


Power Requirements
The ImoLaza controller must be connected to the AC power adapter included. DC Transformers are not supported.
Power Supply: External Transformer
Transformer input: 120 VAC ~60Hz 28W
Transformer output: 24 VAC 1000mA
Zone output (24 VAC): Compatible with 24VAC Solenoids


Wire Compatibility
ImoLaza supports 14-20 AWG gauge wires.


Hardware Compatibility
ImoLaza is compatible with
Master valve/pump relay
Rain Sensor: Wired & Wireless Normally Closed (NC) Rain Sensors
Rain Sensor FAQs
Water Delay, Skip, Rain Sensor, Weather Intelligence. Who dominates?

Advanced Wiring FAQs

Zones/Model Numbers
4 & 8 & 12 & 16 zones
How to set up a zone?
How to disable/enable a zone?


2-year limited warranty.


Optional Outdoor Enclosure
If your controller is installed outdoors, it is recommended that you purchase an outdoor enclosure to protect your controller.
Safty temperature: -13°F to 140°F



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