If it is discovered that the nozzle continues to emit water beyond the intended cutoff time, there is no need for immediate concern. A resolution can be reached by adhering to the following steps to diagnose and address the issue.


1. Troubleshoot the issue


First, use the four buttons on the controller to select the zone that isn't stopping irrigation, then activate that zone. After the device has been running for one minute, immediately unplug the power source. Observe the nozzle in that zone to see if it continues to spray water.


2. Valve issue


If it does and shows no signs of stopping, that means the valve keeps in open status, and something is wrong with the valve. There might be a grit stuck in the valve, or the valve be opened manually. Please refer to the article below for more details.

Watering even the controller off or unplugged


3. Controller issue


If the nozzle stops spraying immediately, there may be an issue with the controller program. In this case, please contact us right away.



Still need help?

In case the above method doesn’t work for you, please contact our technical support team directly using the contact information below. We will respond to you by email within 12h after your message reaches us.

Email: Support@imolaza.com