If you find water continuously flowing at full pressure from the valve, please follow these steps:


1. First, confirm that the valve is installed in the right direction. The flow direction arrow on the valve should point in the direction of the water flow.

2. If the valve is installed correctly, make sure the bleed screw of the valve is closed.

3. If the valve is manually closed, shut off the water source and remove the solenoid valve. Ensure that there is a valve core inside the solenoid valve and that it can move up and down easily. Reinstall the solenoid valve, and screw down finger only.

4. If the valve remains open, check if there are any impurities on the diaphragm. Also, check if the diaphragm is noticeably deformed or pitted. If there are impurities, clear them and rinse the diaphragm with cold water. Replace the diaphragm and test the valve. If the problem persists or if the diaphragm is visibly damaged, it needs to be replaced.

5. If you find water leaking from the lowest sprinkler head, you will need to replace the diaphragm in the valve.


If you encounter this issue, it's important to note that if your valve cannot be closed, you can try unplugging or cutting off the power to the controller. If the water stops flowing, it indicates that the controller is still sending a voltage signal to the valve, please contact us and we will take care of it. If the water continues to flow, the problem lies within the valve itself.



Still need help?

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