Here is a list of specialized terms that you may have encountered before but are not sure what they mean. Please check the explanations below.



ImoLaza has a mobile app for cell phones to remotely control the controller.

Where can I download the app?

How can I update my ImoLaza App to the latest version?


Common Wire

Usually white, the common wire connects all solenoid valves, please connect the common wire to the "C" port.


Allowed Depletion

Allow soil moisture to deplete to a managed level before watering again.

Advanced Zone Settings.


Available Water

The amount of water that can be stored in a soil profile and be available for growing crops.

Advanced Zone Settings.


Crop Coefficients

Crop coefficients are properties of plants used in predicting evapotranspiration (ET).

Advanced Zone Settings.



Evapotranspiration (ET) is a term used to describe the water consumed by plants over a period of time. Evapotranspiration is the water loss occurring from the processes of evaporation and transpiration. Evaporation occurs when water changes to vapor on either soil or plant surfaces. Transpiration refers to the water lost through the leaves of plants.



This refers to the frequency band used by the Wi-Fi signals our routers emit. 2.4G WiFi offers better through-wall performance and compatibility.

Does ImoLaza works with 5G Wi-Fi?



The calendar on the schedule screen lets you know the number of scheduled executions for the day and which ones will be executed.



The ImoLaza community board is a place where users can talk about what they want to say, and where you can post your experience or ask for help.



Firmware is the device "driver" stored inside the device, through which the operating system can realize the operation of a specific machine according to the standard device driver.

Firmware update


MAC address

A bit address is used to identify the location of a network device.

What's the Mac address for and where it is?


Master Valve

A valve installed upstream of the conventional valve controls the flow of water into the main piping system, please connect the wire to the main valve to the "M" port.

Advanced Wiring FAQs


Quick Run

Run the schedules or zones at any time.

Schedules' quick run

Zones' quick run


Rain Sensor

A switching device activated by rainfall, the controller connected to the rain sensor will skip watering on rainy days.

Rain Sensor FAQs


Root Depth

The deepest soil depth reached by the roots of an individual plant (i.e. maximum rooting depth).

Advanced Zone Settings.



Check all the historical information on your imolaza system, including schedule starts, ends, and system updates.



An electronically controlled valve is used to control the water coming out of the nozzle.



Name of your Wi-Fi network.


Water Usage

Track the amount of water used on a daily or monthly basis.


Smart Skip

Intelligent algorithms automatically adjust the execution of the plan based on weather data.

Rain Skip FAQ

Freeze Skip and Wind Skip FAQ



Prepare the irrigation system for winter.

How to winterize my sprinkler system?



A specific area of your yard, activated by a single valve. ImoLaza has four types of controllers with 4 zones, 8 zones, 12 zones and 16 zones.

How to set up a zone?

Zones' quick run



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